Satellite Paradiso - Cover Art by Frank Coleman with John Ashton

Satellite Paradiso - Cover Art by Frank Coleman with John Ashton


"A monstrous, swaggering wall of sound." - Vive Le Rock (UK)

"With its virtuoso riffs, sonic swirls, sassy sax, melancholic cello and powerful vocals, SATELLITE PARADISO is music of the highest calibre." - Manchester Review (UK)

"John Ashton unveils SATELLITE PARADISO, a long-gestating all-star project that explores cosmological questions uniting science, nature, and temporality with a totalizing virtuosity. Distortion becomes a palpable electromagnetic field as Ashton embarks on a Dante-esque sonic journey through a rhythmic wormhole in space-time that leads somewhere between 1984 and a timeless utopian future." -- Aidan Levy, THE VILLAGE VOICE

"SATELLITE PARADISO is clearly a labour of musical love. How John Ashton has managed to cajole and inspire such a plethora of talent on to one album is quite awe inspiring... This record floats and it kicks and it bites, but it always feels like it is involving you. I listened to it and almost felt like I was on it. " - Ian Hunter (Sabotage Times)

"Is there an elephant in the room? Let’s get it out-of-the-way – Fred Schreck holds his own in comparison to the great Richard Butler. There is a definite ‘Furs vibe on several tracks, but SATELLITE PARADISO are forging new paths while retaining elements of the contributors’ past projects. All 10 tracks are immediately resonant and call for repeated plays." - Jason's Jukebox

"With Fred Schreck on vocals, the album rockets to invincible heights. As a frontman, Fred Schreck is a force of nature, whose rich vocals are a powerhouse amongst a million electric currents. As an album, SATELLITE PARADISO is a musical wonder, music to completely submerge yourself in and feel every quiver of emotion and be in awe of its dexterity." - Manchester Review (UK)

"From power pop to rock 'n' roll aggression, this is a project just itching for airplay." - Vive Le Rock (UK)